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How to Extend the Life of Your Natural Soap


3 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Natural Soap

1. Dry the soap out between use

Because of the added moisturizing oils, natural soap dissolves more rapidly in water. For this reason, do not leave the soap sitting in a pool of water in the shower. Invest in a soap dish with a rack, or just remove the soap from the shower and keep it in a place that it will dry thoroughly before using again. Our wooden soap trays are the perfect addition to extend the life of your natural soap.

2. Save the scraps

The scraps are awkward and unpleasant to use. It makes sense to toss them. Why not try collecting them in a soap bag and using the bag as an exfoliating and cleansing experience? I keep a bag hanging in the shower and continually add scraps. The bag and scraps foam up nicely and make for an excellent cleansing experience. Wash the bag periodically to keep it fresh.

3. Dilute the soap

Your bar of soap will go much further if you dilute it. Directions are simple:

  • Grate your bar of soap.
  • Place 1 ounce of the grated soap in a glass jar.
  • Add 1-2 cups filtered water and leave overnight.
  • Stir the next day until well blended.

This “gentled” soap stores indefinitely in a capped jar. Simply dab your washcloth into the mixture and apply to your skin. If there are herbs added to the soap, you may notice that it doesn’t last quite as long. You can add one teaspoon vitamin E oil or an antiseptic essential oil like lavender or tea tree oil to prolong its shelf life.

Try any or all of these suggestions and make your investment last!

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