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At Live Natural Soap our mission is to provide high quality, handmade skin care with only good stuff from nature.   We understand the importance of using products that are natural and safe.

As someone who once suffered from eczema, I initially formulated these amazing bars to help my skin condition. After trying many natural products, some worked better than others, I eventually realized the one thing that continued to dry my skin was soap.  As a result, I decided to formulate my own bar.  My soaps have 4 key qualities that are critical for dry, itchy skin conditions: 
            Made with natural ingredients  
            Formulated to hydrate skin  
            Formulated to nourish skin 
            Works well on sensitive skin  
Each bar is enriched with unrefined shea butter and goat milk. A blend of 100% pure essential oils are added for aromatherapy, to create or enhance a certain mood.   The essential oils are also considered to be therapeutic.   Our soaps give a smooth, rich creamy lather.  Each bar is beautifully scented and great for all skin types.  Live Natural Soaps are the bar of choice for an all natural luxurious bathing experience.
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